Tampa Personal Injury Attorney in Case Against Johnson & Johnson

By | May 17, 2016

Frank Miranda recently filed a claim against the Johnson & Johnson company. The company’s baby and feminine hygiene products have allegedly caused issues for its hundreds of thousands of users over the years. The powder is talc-based, with other added chemicals.


Individuals making claims against Johnson & Johnson say that the talc-based powder causes ovarian cancer and cysts. There were no warning labels on the original product, and there were no publications put out by the company regarding risks of ovarian cancer.


Ovarian cancer is a very serious issue, resulting in death and severely reduced well-being for the woman. A woman of any age can get ovarian cancer, but it is more likely in females of a certain age group. Ovarian cancer often goes unnoticed by the individual, but is typically discovered in a routine exam.


best-Legal-Services-300x218If you have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, consider whether or not it was a result of using any talc-based powders or beauty products, especially those manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. If you believe you have been put at risk for your ovarian cancer by such a product, and you live in the Tampa area, a good personal injury attorney is what you will need. A Tampa personal injury attorney will be able to advise you on the best course of action.


The issues with Talc-containing baby powers came to light during a recent Harvard University based study. According to the study, more than ten-thousand women have been and will become victims of these Johnson & Johnson products.


It is hard to believe that such an innocently appearing product, from such a trusted company, could cause such a devastating form of cancer in users. The deception of marketing involved indicates that further legal action may be required to further the goals of the proposed cases. A Tampa personal injury attorney can review your case. They will likely consider your medical diagnosis as well as your reasons for using the product over the years. The years you used the product, as well as the amount you used over the years, will become important foundations for the case.


3If you have not been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, you may still want to contact a Tampa personal injury attorney, provided you have been a regular or even sporadic user of the Johnson & Johnson products. Unfortunately, cancer does not often appear for many years in individuals who have become susceptible to it due to dangerous products. The same issues have appeared in radiation cases, where the population does not become susceptible to disease until many decades after receiving doses of radiation. Talc-based products may work the same way, with the cancers not showing up until many years later.



For these reasons, it is wise to contact an attorney who can guide you through the process of learning what a lawsuit or other legal action would entail and John Bales attorneys are great choice.  The choice to pursue financial compensation and restitution is a personal one and a decision to be made by the individual who has used the products.




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